Overview of jCrest.com

With Cloud Computing becoming more widely utilized, it is important for organizations to understand ways to maximize benefits and minimize risks of a move to the cloud. This brief introduction details the significant benefits that Cloud Computing brings to organizations and suppliers who intend to utilize the marketplace today.
JCrest.com is a digital platform where individuals and organizations interact with each other through the process of connecting, communicating and collaborating. jCrest.com is a name adopted by eSofties Solutions Limited, a leading software solutions company in Nigeria.

JCrest.com is built to serve as a social platform where individuals can get access to anything they would normally find in a regular marketplace. In the future, JCrest.com will provide a platform for job seekers to get employed and the already-employed to get new employers. All these services provided on JCrest.com platform will ensure that services delivered on it would be transparent

Interestingly, Jcrest.com will provide payment services that will aid the transfer or payment of funds/cash from a customer who was provided with one form or service or another. It will also ease payment transaction for users on JCrest.com. The payment services that will be hosted on this platform will include Expenditure Payment Services and Revenue Payment Services. Details of these two payment services will be explained in the next post.